Bring your imagination to Wyld Creek Water Gardens and we will show you your dream ponds and gardens.

If you can dream it, we can build it!


Our Ecosystem Ponds


At Wyld Creek Water Gardens we build our ponds to work with mother nature, not against her. By doing so, we have less pond maintenance, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of the pond, instead of having to work on the pond. 


Our Pondless Waterfalls


A pondless waterfall, also called simply a waterfall or disappearing waterfall, can be a small waterfall tucked into your front door entry way to greet your guests or a babbling brook with multiple falls coming down a hill in your backyard giving you the beauty and the sounds of water.


Our Fountains


A fountainscape consist of spillway bowls, spitters, basalt columns, bubbling rocks, urns, tiered fountains and a wide variety of container water gardens and can be fitted into the smallest of yards.


Water Feature Maintenance


We offer regularly recurring and seasonal pond & waterfall maintenance programs and à la carte services to fit you and your water features needs.


Come visit our store and see our gardens!


We have display ponds with koi and goldfish, we even have turtles! We sell anything you may would need for a great ecosystem pond.