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Maintenance Program

Wyld Creek Inc. will visit your water feature twice a month (bi-weekly).  Any additional service we will have to price quote.

  1. Review the overall condition of the water feature (pumps, bio-falls, etc).
  2. Check for burnt out light bulbs, replace as needed (material charge).
  3. Add beneficial bacteria monthly.
  4. Add algaecide monthly.
  5. Thoroughly rinse all filter pads.
  6. Rinse bacteria media as needed.
  7. Thoroughly rinse skimmer baskets.
  8. Recover all exposed pond liner with existing gravel.
  9. Check for shifted rocks.
  10. Remove over growth of plant material from areas that restrict adequate water flow (in the bio-fall, skimmer, zero edge, bogs, & streams).
  11. Remove string algae from stream, pond, & waterfall.
  12. Add water to pond if needed.

Cost:  (Bi-weekly visit = 2 X a month)

2 X $85 = $170 a month


Rent-a-Guy Program

Wyld Creek Inc. will send out one of our guys to help you with anything pond related for an hourly rate.  Some jobs can be price quoted if necessary.

Some of the things we do:

  • Consultation for ideas and proper placement of water feature
  • Excavating the water feature
  • Assisting homeowner with boulder selection and design
  • Help install bio-falls, skimmer, and pipe.
  • Placement of large boulders
  • Installation of waterfall rocks and foaming
  • Design and install of fish caves
  • Set water levels – with laser level
  • Installing new plants
  • Water feature light installation
  • Pond Class 101 (where you can ask us anything you want)

Cost:  $85 per hour (can rent for a day, rates apply)

Home Services