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Wyld Creek Inc.

601 S. US HWY 12

Fox Lake, IL 60020



Wyld Creek Inc. is a full service water garden retail center. Since its inception in 2004, Wyld Creek has produced custom quality water features and provide exceptional customer service for water feature owners. In addition to custom design and installation of water features, we also support the needs of the “do-it-yourselfers” though our retail center which carries products from many manufacturers including Aquascape, Microbe-Lift, Green Clean, and PondMax.

As an additional service to our pond customers, we provide a wide range of maintenance programs, to include: fish care, plant care, pond and underwater lighting installation and troubleshooting as well as minor to major water feature rebuilds.

We offer educational seminars, classes, and tutorials on building water features, pond plans and designs, cleaning and maintaining ponds, algae control, balancing your pond, designing water gardens, choosing plants, caring for fish and other pond, water garden, fountain, and water feature topics.

Our retail center presents a welcoming, relaxed, and family-friendly atmosphere. Our pond store is decorated in a simple and fun style. We carry every product you could need for your pond, fish, fountain, or water garden including beneficial bacteria, algaecides, pond planting pots and aquatic fertilizer, water prep and dechlorinator, fountain basins, fountain and garden ornaments, skimmers, biofalls, reservoir cubes, aquablocks, submersible pond lighting, irises, water lilies and other aquatic plants, and much much more.

Our employees are very knowledgeable with regard to plants, fish, pond care, and construction of a variety water features types including pondless waterfalls, zero-edges, reservoirs, koi ponds, water gardens, bogs, fountains and basalt columns. We sell aquatic plants, assorted fish, water treatments, pond kits, and pond accessories and bird feed, a variety of bird feeders and bird houses and a full line of yard art. Our construction division offers full water feature design and installations, prices range $1,000 – $150,000. We are a former Certified Aquascape Contractor working hand in hand with fellow CACs and are also approved to teach pond construction classes for homeowners and future contractors by Aquascape, Inc.

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