"Wyld Creek Water Gardens is more than a retail store and a construction company. We are the first and last store you'll need to contact to turn your backyard into a serene paradise."

Custom Designed

We work with each individual client to build them a completely custom water feature exactly to their tastes. Call us for a consultation and we’ll customize your dream backyard.

Highest Quality Materials

We install only the equipment that can stand up to our own industrial level of abuse. Each of the products we carry in our store and install in our builds have been thoroughly tested and found to work and hold up no matter what the conditions. In addition, we help you choose the highest quality stone to match your house and landscape.

Huge Selection of Products, Fish, and Plants

We offer everything you need to build a pond, perform pond maintenance all year, all you need for Koi and other ornamental fish, and an enormous selection of aquatic plants.

Knowledgeable Staff

We teach classes about once a month all season long that would be helpful for everyone from a novice to an expert ponder. The classes will be build a pond's, water gardening advice and design, seasonal pond maintenance and much more!